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Here you will find group round table discussions, podcast style chats, and interviews with experts in the areas of exercise, nutrition, mental health and more.

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AFS Discover
  • LIVE Circuit Workout with Kemper 5.26.21

    Full workout below:

    Group 1
    - Bear Plank w/ Pushup & Hip Ext
    - Updown w/ Reverse Lunge
    - RDL w/ Row
    - Lateral Skips

    Group 2
    - Squat w/ 3 Calf Raise @ botom
    - High Plank Jack
    - 1/2 Kneeling Towel Row
    - Pushup HOLD w/ Toe Reach

    Group 3
    - Step taps  (standing twist crunch)
    - Marching Bridge (squ...

  • Inside AFS Staff Education: The Role of Motivation in Behavior Change

  • Low Impact Dumbbell Circuit with Audrey

    **all movements can be done without dumbbells as well**
    :45 on :15 rest
    -Sumo squat + front raise
    -Alternating reverse lunge + bicep curl or lateral raise
    -Alternating DB row + modified push-up
    -Glute bridge + calf raises
    -Leg lifts + upper body crunch

  • 12/1 Low Impact with Audrey

    :45 work :15 rest
    6 movements, 4 times through.
    -squat + overhead press
    -lateral lunge + front raise
    -bent over row
    -glute bridge + chest press
    -weighted crunch
    -weighted oblique crunch

  • Team Education- Determinants of Health

    AFS RD Mary Balog, and Kahlea Williams (Master's in Community Health). explore all of the factors that predict health, how much of health is a personal choice and how much isn't, and how we can make an impact.

  • 10/28/20 - Staff Education on Weight Stimga

    Weight-based stigmatization is prevalent in the United States, manifesting in mistreatment across employment, healthcare, education,and interpersonal settings. Unlike other stigmatized populations,
    obese individuals do not receive in-group protection (from laws such as the American's with Disabil...

  • Inside AFS Staff Education: Are you breathing? (Mindfulness Education)

    The AFS fitness reviews the psycho-physiological changes in brain-body interaction observed in most of meditative and relaxing practices rely on voluntary slowing down of breath frequency. However, the identification of mechanisms linking breath control to its psychophysiological effects is still...

  • Inside AFS Staff Education- Food Insecurity

    In this weeks education we discuss food insecurity in the United States. What is it? Who is impacted? What programs are out there to help, and are they effective? Learn more here.

  • Body Positivity & Food Freedom w/ RD Bella & Eileen

    Registered Dietician Bella Diaz and Trainer Eileen McNally discuss how we can learn to become more kind to ourselves and our body, and practice body positivity. Also discussed is the concept of food freedom, and breaking free from diet cultures restrictive nature. Jump ahead to the 3:50 mark to...

  • Creamy Spinach Pasta with Mary!

    AFS Registered Dietitian, Mary Balog, walks you through how to make this delicious recipe!

  • Dr. John Evans and Mike Stack on mental health strategies to conquer Coronavirus

    Dr John Evans and Mike Stack, AFS CEO, join us to talk about mental health strategies to help deal with stressful situations, in this case the COVID-19 pandemic. John is part of the team at BLND Health offering personalized and accessible mental health services and experiences. Learn more at www...

  • Look Inside AFS- Staff Education - Metabolic Adaptation 2

    Part 2 of our chat on metabolic damage/adaptation. In this chat we get more in to the actionable strategies you can implement if you have a down-regulated metabolism. We also talk about the idea of Intuitive Eating, and how this framework could help those who worry about dealing with metabolic ...

  • Mary and Bella Roundtable

    Check out this live Q & A with our Registered Dieticians Mary & Bella where they answer common questions, and chat about their experiences working with nutrition. Live streamed 3-30-2020.

  • Look Inside AFS- Staff Education - Metabolic Adaptation

    Metabolic adaptation, maybe more commonly known as metabolic damage, is a hot topic in the fitness community, and for those seeking body composition change. Tune in here to learn more about what metabolic adaptation is and is not, and how it may affect your goals. Overall, this metabolic adaptat...

  • Tackling Aches and Pains w- Seth King DPT

    Seth King DPT joins us to talk about common aches and pains, with some emphasis on the COVID-19 quarantine impact. This is a great one if you're interested in learning more about some common aches and pains and how to manage them. Live streamed originally on 3-27-2020.

  • RD Chat w/ Bella- Fueling for Joyful Movement

    Join Registered Dietician Bella Diaz and Trainer Eileen McNally for a discussion on how nutrition and our diet fuels our joy, and movement. Skip ahead to the 5 minute mark to get right to the discussion. Streamed Live 4-27-2020.

  • Why Should I Eat Fruit and Vegetables?

    At the risk of sounding too simple, this is actually a question many people ask. How important are fruit and veggies really? In this video AFS CEO Mike Stack considers how exactly fruit and vegetable intake confers benefit to the average diet. Most people are relatively deficient in fruit and veg...

  • What Should I Do If I Think I Have A Slow Metabolism?

    So many people worry that their metabolism is slowing, particularly as they age. While there is some truth to metabolism slowing with age, there is another more important truth. That more important truth is that YOU have nearly 100% control over your metabolism through what you do during your day...

  • What Should I Eat Before and After Exercising?

    This is surprisingly a topic of much controversy. What should be consumed around the workout? Is anything necessary? Does it really help? The answer, based on a lot of research is: yes, it absolutely does. Having a small amount of sugar pre-exercise and some protein and carbs post-exercise can pr...

  • What Are Good Protein Bars and Shakes?

    If you’ve gone into any grocery store and looked down the protein bar/shake aisle you’ll find nearly endless choices. How do you know which bar or shake is best for you to choose? In this video AFS CEO Mike Stack explores what makes a good protein bar and protein shake, as well as how to make the...

  • Is My Metabolism Damaged?

    Can your metabolism be damaged? Some in the media and research communities suggest it is possible. AFS CEO Mike Stack explores the concept of metabolic adaptation in this video and what its role is in human biology. We’ll likewise review the potential signs of a “damaged metabolism,” and talk abo...

  • Should I Try A Detox?

    You might be thinking that you’re feeling bad, sluggish, and fatigued. You may have heard the best way to overcome this is to do a detox. Despite what you may have heard, as AFS CEO Mike Stack presents in this video, detoxes (that aren’t medically supervised under very extreme conditions) don’t r...

  • Is It Okay to Be Hungry?

    We’re lead to believe that hunger is bad thing. With all the appetite suppressants on the market today, we’ve become very misled as to the role hunger plays in the natural regulation of food intake. As AFS CEO Mike Stack discusses in the video, hunger is a completely normal part of human biology....

  • Should I Take A Multivitamin?

    People talk about the benefits of multivitamins, but how beneficial are they really? Certainly these supplements cost money and their benefits directly determine if they’re worth spending the money on. As AFS CEO Mike Stack presents in this video, multivitamins are an “insurance policy” against a...