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AFS Live

If we are streaming live, you will find it here. Past live streams get categorized into other playlists. We hope you join us live!

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AFS Live
  • LIVE BW Circuit w/ Kemper 5.11.22

    Full Workout Below
    - Lateral Skips
    - 1/2 Updown
    - Whole Body Crunch
    - Jump Squat L-R
    - Yoga Pushup

  • LIVE 30 Minute Core & Cardio Circuit w/ Kemper 3.23.22

    Full Workout Below:
    - Updown w/ Lunge & Twist
    - Opposite SL Leg/Arm Crunch
    - Mountain Climber
    - Whole Body Crunch
    - V-Sit Twist

  • LIVE 30 Minute Circuit Workout with Kemper 2.2.22

    Full Workout
    - Single Leg Up Down w/ L-R
    - Mod. Pushup w/ Rotation
    - Reverse Lunge w/ Kick
    - V-Sit Twist
    - Alt Pushup HOLD

  • LIVE 30 Minute Core Circuit w/ Kemper 1.26.22


    - Bicycle Crunch
    - SL Pelvic Lift on couch
    - Dead Bug
    - Plank Jack on Hands
    - 1/2 Kneeling Fast L-R

  • LIVE 30 Minute Core Circuit 1.19.22

    5 Movements performed for 5 rounds @ 1 minute each
    - Plank w/ LB Twist
    - Side Plank w/ dip abduction-R
    - SL LB Whole Body Crunch
    - Side Plank w/ dip abduction-L
    - Fast L-R w/ Squat

  • 30 Min Circuit Workout w/ Kemper 12.15.21

    Perform the movements below for 60seconds for five rounds.

    - Reverse Lunge w/ Chop-R
    - Up Down w/ Pushup
    - Crab March
    - Reverse Lunge w/ Chope-L
    - Squat Jump to Couch

  • LIVE 30 Minute Circuit w/ Kemper 11.24.21

    Full workout is below:

    - Split Squat w/ Row
    - SL Alt Hip Thrust
    - Squat w/ Lat Pulldown
    - Split Squat w/ Row
    - Dead Bug

  • LIVE 30 Minute Circuit with Kemper

    Full routine below:
    - SL Updown
    - Bicycle Crunch
    - Yoga Pushup

    - High Knees w/ Squat Jump
    - Superman w/ abd.
    - Couch V-Up

  • 60 Minute Circuit w/ Kemper 6.30.21

    Full workout below:

    - Bag Squat w/ Front Press
    - Bag Row-L
    - Around the World
    - Bag Row - R

    - Bag RDL w/ Row
    - Lateral Pushup Walk
    - Bag Reverse Lunge
    - Plank/Mod Plank

    - Bag Squat w/ OH Press
    - Speed Jumping Jacks
    - Pushup HOLD w/ Bag Switch
    - Lunge Jump

    Bag Crunch
    SL Deadlift

  • 60 Min Circuit with Kemper 6.23.21

    -push up w/ jack (mod)
    -Towel 1/2 Kneeling Row (standing)
    -Stepping Lunge w/ Rotation(Stepping Lunge)
    -lat pullover w/ crunch legs up (legs down)

    - step taps (OH march)
    - low squat jacks (Jump Jacks)
    - sprinting butt kicks (jogging butt kicks)
    -lat skip w/ hop (squat w/ hip ext)

  • LIVE Circuit Workout w/ Kemper 6.9.21

    Full workout below:

    Couch Tricep Extensions  (mod couch pushup)
    Bent Over  Y’s (Squat w/ Y's)
    Pushup Hold w/ Knee to Elbow (Mod Pushup HOLD w/ tap)
    Bridge Walk out w/ Towel

    ALT Reverse Power Lunge(Reverse Lunge)
    Updown w/ LR (Squat w/ LR)
    Squat Jacks (Hack Squat w/ Knee Flexion)

  • 60 Minute LIVE Circuit Workout w/ Kemper 6.2.21

    See full workout below:

    Wall press w/ Abs (alternating)
    Box Squat Jump(lat. walkout)
    Kneeling to squat hold (hack squat)
    Lateral Skip w/ R. Lunge (Stat. lateral lunge)

    Knee Chop-R (rot @ top)
    Split Squat w/ Row-R (rot @ top)
    Knee Chop-L(calf raise)
    Split Squat w/ Row-L(mod hold)

    Up Down w/ ...

  • LIVE Circuit Workout with Kemper 4.28.21

    Full workout below:

    Split Squat w/ curl-R x 45s
    Split Squat w/ Raise-L x 45s
    Kneeling Towel Pulldown x 45s
    Kneeling Towel Pull-Apart x 45s

    Bent Over Y’s x 45s
    Mountain Climbers x 45s
    Chair Dip x 45s
    Low Pop Squats x 45s

    Caterpillar Walkout w/ 1/2 updown x 45s
    Marching Pelvic Lift (feet on cou...

  • LIVE 60 Minute workout with Kemper 4.21.21

    Full workout below:

    -push up w/ opp arm/leg ext (mod)
    -Split Squat w/ Towel Row (standing)
    -Step Taps(superman)
    -lat pullover legs up (legs down)

    - Lateral step taps (OH march)
    - low squat jacks (Jump Jacks)
    - Donkey Hops (jogging butt kicks)
    -alternating power lunge (squat w/ ...

  • LIVE 60 Minute Circuit w/ Kemper 4.14.21

    Full Workout Below:

    - Push up hold elbow to knee right(Mod bird/dog)
    - Squat to couch w/ Row
    - Squat jump to hack squat jump combo(mod-squat hold)
    - Butt kick jumps(mod-jogging butt kicks)
    - High Plank Jack
    - Thai plank Right
    - Low Knees w/ Star Jump
    - Thai plank left
    - Stationary La...

  • LIVE 60 Min Circuit with Kemper 4.7.21

    See full workout below:

    - bear plank opp arm/ leg  (mod plank w/ hip ext)
    - SL RDL w/ Row  ( Squat w/ stepping lunge)
    - FAST LR

    - Pop Squat w/ R Lunge (Standing Alt. Hip abduction)
    - Wide/ narrow push up (mod wide/narrow pushup)
    - SL Eccentric Squat

    - Cat Wakout w/ pushup (cat walkout)

  • LIVE 60 Minute Circuit w/ Kemper 3.31.21

    Full workout below:

    -push up (mod)
    - Bridge w/ Towel Row(standing)
    -superman hold (superman)
    -Al Lunge Jump (legs down)

    - Opp Arm/Leg Pushup Hold (birddog)
    - low squat jacks (Jump Jacks)
    - SL Lateral Flexion (jogging butt kicks)
    -SL BOR (squat w/ hip ext)

    - Diag Up Down (dea...

  • LIVE 60 Minute Workout with Kemper 3.24.21

    Full Workout Below:

    Wall press w/ Abs (alternating)
    High plank jack (lat. walkout)
    Kneeling to squat hold (hack squat)
    Lateral skips (Stat. lateral lunge)

    Knee Chop-R (rot @ top)
    Split Squat w/ Row-R (rot @ top)
    Knee Chop-L(calf raise)
    Split Squat w/ Row-L(mod hold)

    Up Down w/ 2 pushups (co...

  • LIVE 60 Minute Circuit Workout w/ Kemper 3.17.21

    Full Workout below!

    Push up to opp knee Flexion right
    Sumo jump squat
    Superman w/ reach

    Squat hold alt front raise
    Alt Pelvic lift w/ row
    Mtn Climber Up/down

    -lat pull down w/ superman
    - step taps
    - low squat jacks

    - Side Plank w/ abd-R
    - Windsheild Wipers
    -Side Plank w/ abd-L

  • LIVE 60 Minute Workout w/ Kemper 3.3.21

    OH Squat (Squat w/ reach)

    Eccentric Pushup (mod sphinx pushup)

    Up-Down w/ Downward Dog Reach (Downward Dog REach)

    Jumping Jacks

    Reverse Lunge w/ Kick-Right (Reverse Lunge)

    FAST LR w/ Squat (Reverse Lunge)

    Mountain Climber (No Impact)

    Ankle Hops

    Pop squat (low speed squat)

    Lateral High Kn...

  • LIVE 60 Minute BW Workout w/ Kemper

    Full Workout Below:

    - Squat w/ Kick x 60
    - Pushup w/ Hip Ext  x 60
    - Superman w/ Towel Pulldown x60

    - SL RDL w/ Knee Drive x 60
    - Lunge w/ Towel Rotation x 60
    - Spider Plank x 60

    - 3 Knees w/ 3 Squats x 60
    - Mountain Climber x 60
    - Step-Squat-Step-Squat x 60

    - SL Oblique Crunch-R
    - SL Obilqu...

  • LIVE 60 Minute Workout w/ Kemper 2.10.21

    Full Workout Below!

    GROUP 1
    - Pushup w/ should tap—
    - Kneeling Hip Ext w/ Towel Row —
    - R. Lunge w/ Reach

    GROUP 2
    - Stepping Lunge/Squat—
    - Plank Up—
    - Lat Ankle Hop

    GROUP 3
    - High Knees/Mtn Climb—
    - Windshield Wiper—1/2 Squat Hold
    - Hack to Sumo Squat Jump- Hack Squats

    - Deadbug
    - Plan...

  • LIVE 60 Minute BW Circuit Workout w/ Kemper 2.1.21

    Full workout is below!

    Group 1
    - Bear Plank w/ Pushup & Hip Ext
    - Uptown w/ 3 Squats
    - RDL to Knee Drive-R
    - Lateral Skips

    Group 2
    - Squat w/ 3 Calf Raise @ botom
    - High Plank Jack
    - 1/2 Kneeling Towel Row
    - Pushup HOLD w/ Toe Reach

    Group 3
    - Step taps  (standing twist crunch)
    - Low squat jac...

  • LIVE BW Circuit w/ Kemper 1.27.21

    Full workout is below. Modifications will be provided along the way!

    Group 1
    R. Lunge w/ Row
    Squat HOld to kneel
    Pushup w/ knee flxn

    Group 2
    Up Down w/ lat skip
    Superman HOLD w/ Alt Reach
    Sprinting Butt Kicks 

    Group 3
    Split Squat w/ Row
    Yoga Pushup

    SL Lateral Flexion