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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

LIVE 60 Minute BW Circuit Workout w/ Kemper 2.1.21

AFS Live • 59m

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  • LIVE BW Circuit w/ Kemper 1.27.21

    Full workout is below. Modifications will be provided along the way!

    Group 1
    R. Lunge w/ Row
    Squat HOld to kneel
    Pushup w/ knee flxn

    Group 2
    Up Down w/ lat skip
    Superman HOLD w/ Alt Reach
    Sprinting Butt Kicks 

    Group 3
    Split Squat w/ Row
    Yoga Pushup

    SL Lateral Flexion

  • LIVE 60 Minute Workout w/ Kemper 1.18.21

    Full workout description is below:

    Group 1
    Couch Tricep Extensions  (mod couch pushup)
    RDL w/ T's (Squat w/ Y's)
    Pushup Hold w/ Knee to Elbow (Mod Pushup HOLD w/ tap)
    ALT Reverse Power Lunge(Reverse Lunge)

    Group 2
    SQuat HOLD w/ LR (Squat w/ LR)
    Traveling Pushups (Mod Traveling Pushup)
    Alt Hip ...

  • LIVE 60 Minute BW Workout w/ Kemper 1...

    Full Workout Below. Modifications will be provided.

    -push up w/ jack (mod)
    -Towel 1/2 Kneeling Row (standing)
    -Stepping Lunge w/ Rotation(Stepping Lunge)
    -lat pullover w/ crunch legs up (legs down)

    - step taps (OH march)
    - low squat jacks (Jump Jacks)
    - sprinting butt kicks (j...