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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

LIVE 60 Minute Circuit w/ Kemper 4.14.21

AFS Live • 1h 0m

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  • LIVE 60 Min Circuit with Kemper 4.7.21

    See full workout below:

    - bear plank opp arm/ leg  (mod plank w/ hip ext)
    - SL RDL w/ Row  ( Squat w/ stepping lunge)
    - FAST LR

    - Pop Squat w/ R Lunge (Standing Alt. Hip abduction)
    - Wide/ narrow push up (mod wide/narrow pushup)
    - SL Eccentric Squat

    - Cat Wakout w/ pushup (cat walkout)

  • LIVE 60 Minute Circuit w/ Kemper 3.31.21

    Full workout below:

    -push up (mod)
    - Bridge w/ Towel Row(standing)
    -superman hold (superman)
    -Al Lunge Jump (legs down)

    - Opp Arm/Leg Pushup Hold (birddog)
    - low squat jacks (Jump Jacks)
    - SL Lateral Flexion (jogging butt kicks)
    -SL BOR (squat w/ hip ext)

    - Diag Up Down (dea...

  • LIVE 60 Minute Workout with Kemper 3....

    Full Workout Below:

    Wall press w/ Abs (alternating)
    High plank jack (lat. walkout)
    Kneeling to squat hold (hack squat)
    Lateral skips (Stat. lateral lunge)

    Knee Chop-R (rot @ top)
    Split Squat w/ Row-R (rot @ top)
    Knee Chop-L(calf raise)
    Split Squat w/ Row-L(mod hold)

    Up Down w/ 2 pushups (co...