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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

4/4/22 Mobility and Circuit Workout W/ Chris

Circuit Training • 54m

Up Next in Circuit Training

  • LIVE 30 Minute Core & Cardio Circuit ...

    Full Workout Below:
    - Updown w/ Lunge & Twist
    - Opposite SL Leg/Arm Crunch
    - Mountain Climber
    - Whole Body Crunch
    - V-Sit Twist

  • LIVE 30 Minute Bodyweight Circuit w/ ...

    Full workout below

    1. Pushup w/ shoulder tap
    2. Stepping/Reverse Lunge
    3. Towel Row w/ Squat
    4. Fast L-R
    5. SL Lateral Flexion

  • 3/14/22 60 Minute LIVE BW Workout w/ ...

    Group1: 4x through
    Wide/Narrow Push up or Mod. Wide narrow push up
    Dot Jump/ Dot run
    Push Up HOLD W/ Hip Extension or Mod. Push up HOLD W/ Hip Ext.
    Lunge Jump/ Jump squat combo or Reverse to squat combo
    Squat Cross R or Jab Cross R
    Bridge Walkout or Bridge
    Squat Cross L or Jab Cross...