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1/4/21 60 Minute Body Weight Workout With Chris

Circuit Training • 59m

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  • Jan. 3rd 30 Minute Body Weight and Du...

    Mountain Climber/High Knee
    20s on 10s off x6

    EMOM, 12 min
    DB supinated bent over row
    DB 1-arm push press
    DB front squat

    3 Rounds
    30s sd. plank w/ dip
    30s lateral leg raise
    other side

    Plank for a minute to the end

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    This Tabata workout is comprised of 3 rounds; two full body and one ab. Each round is 6 minutes total rotating between 4 different exercises. There are 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, rinse, and repeat! No weights necessary but be ready to give 100% effort. A...

  • 12/28/20 60 Minute BW workout W/ Chris

    This 60 minute body weight workout is a high intensity circuit workout. Modifications will need a chair/couch or bench. 3 groups and a core group. Each group has 3 exercises at one minute a piece, go through each group twice, rest and repeat then move on to next group. We will complete the core o...