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60 Minute BW Workout w/ Chris 11.30.20

Circuit Training • 59m

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  • 12.2.20 60 Minute Workout w/ Chris.

    This workout is 3 sets with 4 exercises in each set at 45 seconds per exercise. You'll complete each set twice, rest and do it one more time then move on to the next set. After completing all 3 sets, the core segment is one minute each exercise with 3 exercises.
    1- Lunge Jump Right or L...

  • 12/14/20 60 Minute Body Weight Workou...

    2 sets of exercises with 5 exercises in each group. One minute each exercise four times through rest, next group. One set of core work, minute each with three exercises and done.
    Group 1:
    Ex1:Buttkick Jump or jogging butt kicks
    Ex2:Rolling Plank or Side Plank R than L total twice on both...

  • 35 Minute DB "Tempo"/"Eccentric" Lowe...

    Today we are switching things up a bit and doing a lower body super set workout with ALL "tempo"/"eccentric" reps(3-5 seconds on the downward phase or 3-5 second pause). Get ready for a good burn ;)