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60 Minute BW Workout w/ Chris & Kemper

Circuit Training

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  • 30 min DB EMOM with Eileen!

    Strength EMOM + a little bit of HIIT ;)
    You'll need some dumbbells for this one.
    Jump to the 45second mark to get right to it!

  • 30 Minute Low Impact with Audrey (10/...

    We will be going through 3 "blocks" - in each block there will be: 3 movements, 1 minute each, 3 times through before moving on to the next block.

    Upper body block: bent over alt. row with towel + bent over front raise; lying chest press w/ towel; seated arm pulses/OH presses
    Lower body block: s...

  • LIVE BW Circuit Workout w/ Chris & Ke...

    The workout will consist of three groupings of movements and end with a core circuit. Each grouping will contain two movements and be a total of six minutes. Modifications will be provided along the way!

    Group 1: Lateral Skip Ankle Hop -superset- Bear Plank w/ Shoulder Tap

    Group 2: Jump Squa...