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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

60 Minute Circuit w/ Kemper 6.30.21

Circuit Training • 59m

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  • 6/28/21 60 minute BW and Bag workout ...

    Minute each exercise, twice through; rest/repeat then next group.
    Group 1:
    Sprinter step lunge right or Reverse Lunge Right
    Spider Push Up or Bench mountain climbers
    Sprinter step lunge left t or Reverse Lunge Left
    Group 2:
    Long jump 3 hops back or ankle hops
    Lateral lunge to hop or lateral lung...

  • 60 Min Circuit with Kemper 6.23.21

    -push up w/ jack (mod)
    -Towel 1/2 Kneeling Row (standing)
    -Stepping Lunge w/ Rotation(Stepping Lunge)
    -lat pullover w/ crunch legs up (legs down)

    - step taps (OH march)
    - low squat jacks (Jump Jacks)
    - sprinting butt kicks (jogging butt kicks)
    -lat skip w/ hop (squat w/ hip ext)

  • 6/21/21 60 Minute LIVE BW Workout w/ ...

    Perform 4 rounds at 60 seconds/exercise.
    Group 1:
    Up/down to lateral jump or ankle hops
    Push up hold opp. arm/leg or Bench push up hold hip extension
    5 low squats with jump or speed squat
    in/out scissor kicks or partial rep high knees
    straight leg cross over crunch or Standing twist crunch