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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

60 Minute LIVE BW Workout w/ Chris 10/26/20

Circuit Training • 1h 0m

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  • Brook and Katelyn Circuit Oct. 22, 2020

    This is week 3 of our Halloween costume workouts:) The workout itself is structured very similar to a fitness class. 6 rounds (5 total body and 1 ab specific round at the end) with both higher and low intensity options. We are at 45 second intervals this time around. Grab a mat, a towel, and of c...

  • 30-Minute, Low Impact Fitness Solutio...

    October 27, 2020 - 30-Minute Workout
    FS-based: Two exercises per block, :30 each x3 (3-minute blocks)
    Equipment - Chair & DB/Water Bottle

    1. a) Sit to Stand (slow eccentric - 3 sec. down, fast concentric - 1 sec. up)
    b) Heel-to-Toe Stance DB/Water Bottles Lateral Raise

    2. a) Stair-Step/Chai...

  • LIVE 60 Minute BW Workout with Chris ...

    We will be performing 3 groups of movements (3 movements in each group, 60 seconds each movement @ 2 and the move on to the next group). Once all 3 groups are completed, we'll end with a core finisher! Modifications will be provided.

    Group 1:
    Split squat w/ Rea...