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April 8, 2021 Tabata w. Katelyn

Circuit Training

Up Next in Circuit Training

  • Claire.Bodyweight & Dumbbell Circuit 4/4

    CONDITIONING: 20s work: 10s rest x 6
    High Knees
    Up Downs or Block Squat

    DUMBBELL E.M.O.M. 45s work: 15s rest x 3
    DB Deadlift or RDL
    Sumo Squat HOLD w/ Supinated Bicep Curl
    1-DB Big Circles
    DB Forward Lunge w/ Overhead Press

    CORE 30s x3
    Bicycle Crunch
    Straight Arm Upper Body Crunch

  • LIVE 60 Minute Circuit w/ Kemper 3.31.21

    Full workout below:

    -push up (mod)
    - Bridge w/ Towel Row(standing)
    -superman hold (superman)
    -Al Lunge Jump (legs down)

    - Opp Arm/Leg Pushup Hold (birddog)
    - low squat jacks (Jump Jacks)
    - SL Lateral Flexion (jogging butt kicks)
    -SL BOR (squat w/ hip ext)

    - Diag Up Down (dea...

  • 3/29/21 60 Minute Body Weight Workout...

    3 groups with 3 exercises at one minute each exercise twice through, then a core clump one time through.
    Group 1:
    Ex1: Up/down with push up or modified push up
    Ex2: Lateral shuffle or lateral skip
    Ex3: Hollow body hold or Dead bug
    Group 2:
    Ex1: Sumo squat hold w/ march or Sumo squat
    Ex2: Plank up...

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