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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

LIVE 30 Minute Circuit w/ Kemper 12.29.21

Circuit Training • 32m

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  • 60 Minute LIVE BW Workout w/ Chris 12...

    3 groups,3 exercises per group at one minutes each!
    Group one:
    Marching Sumo Squat or Sumo Squat
    Push up opp.Arm/Leg or Bird/dog
    High Knees or partial rep high knees
    Group 2:
    Squat cross or Jab cross right
    Up/down or Goodmorning
    Squat cross or Jab cross Left
    Group 3:
    Butt kick Jump or jogging but...

  • 12/20/21 60 minute 80's BW workout W/...

    3 groups with 3 exercises per group, twice through.
    Group 1:
    1-single leg windshield wiper or Quad. rotation
    2-Pushup with rotation or mod. pushup rotation
    3-Lateral skip w/ lunge or lateral skips
    Group 2:
    1-Hack to sumo jump squat or hack to sumo squat combo
    2-Sphinx pushup or mod. plank ups

  • 12/6/21 60 minute BW workout W/ Chris

    3 groups 3 times through alternating 30 second and 60 second work intervals:
    30sec-Push ups or mod. Push ups
    60sec-Lunge Jumps or Reverse Lunge
    30sec-Up/downs or Hip Turns
    Group 2:
    30sec-Butt Kick Jump or Jogging butt Kick
    60sec- Pop Squat W/ High Knees or High Knees
    30sec-Plank Ups or Mo...