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12.2.20 60 Minute Workout w/ Chris.

Circuit Training • 55m

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  • 12/14/20 60 Minute Body Weight Workou...

    2 sets of exercises with 5 exercises in each group. One minute each exercise four times through rest, next group. One set of core work, minute each with three exercises and done.
    Group 1:
    Ex1:Buttkick Jump or jogging butt kicks
    Ex2:Rolling Plank or Side Plank R than L total twice on both...

  • 35 Minute DB "Tempo"/"Eccentric" Lowe...

    Today we are switching things up a bit and doing a lower body super set workout with ALL "tempo"/"eccentric" reps(3-5 seconds on the downward phase or 3-5 second pause). Get ready for a good burn ;)

  • Low-Impact Step Workout w/ Trainer Ma...

    Two different 5-minute blocks, twice 1st block then twice 2nd block.
    Equipment - Stair-Step

    1st Block -
    a) Incline Push Up w/ Rotation (Can be modified push ups on knees OR w/o Rotation - just lifting arms slightly off ground) x 5 /side
    b) Step Up w/ Hip Extension, Holding Arms Overhead x 5/si...