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Brook and Katelyn Circuit Oct. 22, 2020

Body-weight Only Workouts

Up Next in Body-weight Only Workouts

  • LIVE 60 Minute BW Workout with Chris ...

    We will be performing 3 groups of movements (3 movements in each group, 60 seconds each movement @ 2 and the move on to the next group). Once all 3 groups are completed, we'll end with a core finisher! Modifications will be provided.

    Group 1:
    Split squat w/ Rea...

  • 60 Minute Body Weight Workout With Ch...

    This workout consists of three groups with four exercises in each group and then a core group.
    1:Lunge Jump or reverse lunge
    sphinx push up or shoulder tap
    1- leg hip lift right or pelvic lift
    1- leg hip lift left or superman

    2:High knees or standing elbow to knee twist crunch
    Up/down with jump...

  • Bodyweight Tempo with Claire

    R-Reverse to Stepping Lunge with a pause
    L-Reverse to Stepping Lunge with a pause
    Eccentric Squat to a Squat HOLD- 5 count
    Jog to Sprint
    Superman with a pause
    Eccentric Upper Body Crunch
    Lower Body Deadbug
    Double Bicycle Crunch