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Brook and Katelyn Circuit Oct. 29, 2020

Body-weight Only Workouts

Up Next in Body-weight Only Workouts

  • LIVE 60 min Bodyweight Workout w/ Chr...

    We'll be performing a full body circuit utilizing nothing more than you bodyweight. The workout is broken down into 3 different groups. Each group will have 3 exercises in it, performed at 30 second intervals each. We'll perform 4 rounds of each group, twice. Upon completion, we'll move on to...

  • 60 Minute LIVE BW Workout w/ Chris 10...

    Workout consists of 3 sets and then a core set. In each set there are 4 exercises at 45 seconds each. We will repeat the set twice for a total of 6 minutes. We will complete each set twice and then move on to the next set.
    Push up to down dog or down dog
    Squat lateral jump Squat or s...

  • C&T 30 Minute Combination Workout

    Station 1: 8 minutes total, 1-minute intervals | Station 2: 4 minutes total, 30-second intervals
    Jumping Jacks w/ Hip Rotation
    Preditor or Reverse Lunge with Jump
    High Knees w/ Alt. Hand to Opposite Knee
    Lateral Lunge w/ Hop

    Station 3: 4 movements, 1-minute intervals | Station 4: movements, 30-s...

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