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30 Minute Full Body Circuit w/ Tyler 2.28

Body-weight Only Workouts • 34m

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  • LIVE 60 Minute BW Workout w/ Kemper

    Full Workout Below:

    - Squat w/ Kick x 60
    - Pushup w/ Hip Ext  x 60
    - Superman w/ Towel Pulldown x60

    - SL RDL w/ Knee Drive x 60
    - Lunge w/ Towel Rotation x 60
    - Spider Plank x 60

    - 3 Knees w/ 3 Squats x 60
    - Mountain Climber x 60
    - Step-Squat-Step-Squat x 60

    - SL Oblique Crunch-R
    - SL Obilqu...

  • Beginner BW Workout w/ Bailey 2-13-21

    Today's workout is a "beginner" body weight only super set workout. If you have any questions or need modifications please leave a comment or shoot me an email([email protected])

  • Katelyn Beginner Circuit Workout Feb....

    We get this started off with some active warm ups, followed by 20 minutes of exercise (a circuit to be specific) and then some stretching to end it all. The full workout is about 30 minutes. All you need is yourself and a water bottle:)