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Tabata Workout w Katelyn March 4, 2021

Body-weight Only Workouts • 39m

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  • LIVE 60 Minute Workout w/ Kemper 3.3.21

    OH Squat (Squat w/ reach)

    Eccentric Pushup (mod sphinx pushup)

    Up-Down w/ Downward Dog Reach (Downward Dog REach)

    Jumping Jacks

    Reverse Lunge w/ Kick-Right (Reverse Lunge)

    FAST LR w/ Squat (Reverse Lunge)

    Mountain Climber (No Impact)

    Ankle Hops

    Pop squat (low speed squat)

    Lateral High Kn...

  • 30 Minute Full Body Circuit w/ Tyler ...

    Station 1
    Lunge Jumps (Jump Squats or Reverse Lunges)
    Pop Squats (Sumo Squats)
    Calf Raises

    Station 2
    Traveling Push Up (Mod. Narrow/Wide Push Up Combo)
    Push Up HOLD w/ Shoulder Tap (Mod. Push Up HOLD)
    Arm Circles
    Pelvic Lifts

    Station 3
    Lateral Skip w/ Hop (Lateral Skips or Stationary Lateral Lu...

  • LIVE 60 Minute BW Workout w/ Kemper

    Full Workout Below:

    - Squat w/ Kick x 60
    - Pushup w/ Hip Ext  x 60
    - Superman w/ Towel Pulldown x60

    - SL RDL w/ Knee Drive x 60
    - Lunge w/ Towel Rotation x 60
    - Spider Plank x 60

    - 3 Knees w/ 3 Squats x 60
    - Mountain Climber x 60
    - Step-Squat-Step-Squat x 60

    - SL Oblique Crunch-R
    - SL Obilqu...