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April 1, 2021 Tabata Workout w/ Katelyn

Body-weight Only Workouts

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  • LIVE 60 Minute Workout w/ Kemper

    See full workout below!

    - Alt Hip Lift w/ Towel Row—Pelvic Lift w/ Towel Row
    - Pushup —Mod. Pushup
    - Towel squat w/ rotation

    - Updown w/ Squat—Speed Squat
    - Tricep Dips w/ leg up—Tricep Dip HOLD w/ March
    - Ankle Hop

    - Lateral Skip—Lateral Lunge
    - Marching Squat Hold—1/2 Squat Hold
    - Hack S...

  • Tabata Workout w Katelyn 12-31-2020

    This Tabata workout is comprised of 3 rounds; two full body and one ab. Each round is 6 minutes total rotating between 4 different exercises. There are 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, rinse, and repeat! No weights necessary but be ready to give 100% effort. A...

  • LIVE 60 Minute BW Workout w/ Kemper!

    Full workout below:

    - Squat w/ towel Lat Pulldown x 60
    - Pushup w/ Hip Ext  x 60

    - Up-down w/ Jump x 60
    - Lunge w/ Towel Row x 60

    - 3 Knees w/ 3 Squats x 60
    - Mountain Climber x 60

    - SL Oblique Crunch-R
    - SL Obilque Crunch-L
    - Plank w/ LB Twist

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