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DB Stepping Lunge

Exercise Technique Videos • 5m 51s

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  • DB RDL

    Start in exercise posture feet shoulder width apart, soft knees, core and glutes engaged, shoulders back, head neutral.
    Begin by pushing butt toward the wall behind you hinging at hips. Keeping the abs engaged as to not round your back. Continue to push back until you get the maximum stretc...

  • Superman

    Exercise Posture:
    Lay on stomach with arms and legs extended
    Head neutral
    Begin movement by contracting the abs and glutes
    from here, slowly elevate the legs and hands off the ground focusing on the lower body.
    After a slight pause at the top of the movement, slowly lower back down to...

  • Bird/Dog

    Exercise posture:
    Table top position with knees under hips and hands under shoulders
    Head in a neutral position
    Start by pulling belly button toward the spine
    Shift weight into opposite arm and opposite knee
    from here, begin to peel the other hand and knee off the floor and extend outwa...