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  • 35 Minute DB & Band "Push"(Chest, Shoulders & Triceps) Workout w/ Bailey 3-6-21

    Today we are doing an upper body "Push"(Chest, Shoulders & Triceps) workout using DBs & Bands! If you have any questions or need modifications please leave a comment or shoot me an email([email protected]). Enjoy!

  • March 4th EMOM + Yoga *Special* !!

    Here's a sneak peek into what my weekly EMOM + Yoga classes look like! A message with the movement.

  • Tabata Workout w Katelyn March 4, 2021

    This Tabata workout is comprised of 3 rounds; two full body and one ab. Each round is 6 minutes total rotating between 4 different exercises. There are 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, rinse, and repeat! No weights necessary but be ready to give 100% effort. A...

  • March 3rd Low Impact Power Flow with Eileen

  • LIVE 60 Minute Workout w/ Kemper 3.3.21

    OH Squat (Squat w/ reach)

    Eccentric Pushup (mod sphinx pushup)

    Up-Down w/ Downward Dog Reach (Downward Dog REach)

    Jumping Jacks

    Reverse Lunge w/ Kick-Right (Reverse Lunge)

    FAST LR w/ Squat (Reverse Lunge)

    Mountain Climber (No Impact)

    Ankle Hops

    Pop squat (low speed squat)

    Lateral High Kn...

  • March 2nd Restorative Flow with Eileen

    All levels welcome! Gentle, slow, peaceful flow.

  • 3/1/21 60 minute BW workout W/ Chris

    This workout consists of 3 groups alternating between 45 and 90 second intervals.
    Group one:
    45 second sit to jump squats or 1- leg ecc squat to bench right
    45 seconds bench/ chair mountain climbers or 1- leg ecc squat to bench Left
    90 seconds 1/2 range of motion squat or Alt. Wall Hip Extension...

  • You are More Than a Body

    A powerful meditation for you to remember - your body is the least interesting thing about you. Your body is a container that holds so much more.

  • AFS Live
    8 videos

    AFS Live

    8 videos

    If we are streaming live, you will find it here. Past live streams get categorized into other playlists. We hope you join us live!

  • Circuit Training

    97 videos

    Cycle through several exercises working both your cardiovascular and muscular systems. Get your sweat & burn on at the same time.

  • Yoga, Mobility & Mindfulness

    65 videos

    A variety of yoga flows, mobility routines, and mindfulness practices for all fitness and experience levels