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Featured Category
  • 60 Min Circuit with Kemper 6.23.21

    -push up w/ jack (mod)
    -Towel 1/2 Kneeling Row (standing)
    -Stepping Lunge w/ Rotation(Stepping Lunge)
    -lat pullover w/ crunch legs up (legs down)

    - step taps (OH march)
    - low squat jacks (Jump Jacks)
    - sprinting butt kicks (jogging butt kicks)
    -lat skip w/ hop (squat w/ hip ext)

  • 6/21/21 60 Minute LIVE BW Workout w/ Chris

    Perform 4 rounds at 60 seconds/exercise.
    Group 1:
    Up/down to lateral jump or ankle hops
    Push up hold opp. arm/leg or Bench push up hold hip extension
    5 low squats with jump or speed squat
    in/out scissor kicks or partial rep high knees
    straight leg cross over crunch or Standing twist crunch

  • AFS Live
    18 videos

    AFS Live

    18 videos

    If we are streaming live, you will find it here. Past live streams get categorized into other playlists. We hope you join us live!

  • Circuit Training

    126 videos

    Cycle through several exercises working both your cardiovascular and muscular systems. Get your sweat & burn on at the same time.

  • Yoga, Mobility & Mindfulness

    72 videos

    A variety of yoga flows, mobility routines, and mindfulness practices for all fitness and experience levels