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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

5/23/22 60 Minute BW workout W/ Chris

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  • 5/16/22 EMOM w/Chris

    Pulsing Lunge Right or 1/2 ROM Squat
    Push up w/ opp. arm and leg or Mod. push up w/ hip extension
    Pulsing lunge Left or 1/2 squat hold lateral walk
    Plank Ups or mod. plank ups
    V sit hold or Bridge hold

  • LIVE BW Circuit w/ Kemper 5.11.22

    Full Workout Below
    - Lateral Skips
    - 1/2 Updown
    - Whole Body Crunch
    - Jump Squat L-R
    - Yoga Pushup

  • LIVE 30 Minute Core/Cardio Circuit w/...

    Full Workout Below:
    - Rolling Plank
    - Flutter Kick
    - Mountain Climber
    - Dead Bug
    - High Plank Jack