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NEW 5/2/22 EMOM

Featured Category • 28m

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  • 4/25/22 30 Minute EMOM W/ Chris

    Exercise 1: Push up rotation or mod push up rotation
    Exercise 2: Lateral shuffle or lateral skips
    Exercise 3:; Plank hip extension or mod. plank hip extension
    Exercise 4: Up/down w/ buttkick jump or speed jumping jacks
    Exercise 5: wall sit or 1/2 wall sit

  • 4.20.22 LIVE Core & Cardio Circuit w/...

    Full Workout:
    -Pushup HOLD w/ Knee to chest x 60
    - Couch V-Ups x 60
    - Sprinting Butt Kicks x 60

    - Lateral Flexion x45
    - Leg Drops x 45
    - Squat w/ Fast L-R x 45

  • 4/18/22 30 Minute LIVE Mobility and C...

    Lateral lunge w/ reach
    Hip flexor to hamstring flow
    Puppy Pose
    Yoga Push Up

    Reverse to walking lunge or Sumo Squat
    Mountain climber or Wall runs
    Dot Jump or Dot Run
    Plank or Mod. Plank
    Marching Bridge or Pelvic Lift

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