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12/1 Low Impact with Audrey

Low Impact Workouts • 34m

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  • Low-Impact Interval Workout w/ Traine...

    :45 on/:15 off interval x 4 rounds

    Equipment - Long Band or Towel

    a) 2 Calf Raises + 4 High Knee Marches (hands behind ears, like in crunch position)
    b) Heel-to-Toe Stance Band Overhead Pull-Apart
    c) Banded Lateral Walks (standing on band and holding tips with hands)
    d) Squat w/ Front Band Pull...

  • Tuesday Morning Low Impact with Audre...

    8 exercises, 3 rounds - :40 working, :20 rest.
    -Standing alternating jabs
    -standing cross-body crunches
    -squat pulses
    -shifting squats + cross-body punches
    -modified push-up + shoulder taps
    -suitcase crunches
    -glute kickbacks + abduction (in tabletop position) (L)
    -glute kickbacks + abduction (in...

  • 25 Minute Glute & Hamstring "Burner" ...

    Today we are focusing on Glutes & Hamstrings, and will be using Dumbbells' and Bands. Get ready for a good burn =)