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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

Low-Impact Interval Workout w/ Trainer Maya 11.24.2020

Low Impact Workouts • 32m

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  • Tuesday Morning Low Impact with Audre...

    8 exercises, 3 rounds - :40 working, :20 rest.
    -Standing alternating jabs
    -standing cross-body crunches
    -squat pulses
    -shifting squats + cross-body punches
    -modified push-up + shoulder taps
    -suitcase crunches
    -glute kickbacks + abduction (in tabletop position) (L)
    -glute kickbacks + abduction (in...

  • 25 Minute Glute & Hamstring "Burner" ...

    Today we are focusing on Glutes & Hamstrings, and will be using Dumbbells' and Bands. Get ready for a good burn =)

  • 11/07/20 Mobility and Stability Worko...

    30 minute BW mobility and stability workout focusing on the shoulder, hip, and spine. All you need for this is yourself. Enjoy!

    Sorry about the unfocused camera :(