Foundations of Weight Loss Course

Foundations of Weight Loss Course

While many diets exist out there than can lead to weight loss, research shows that across the board none of them do a good job of creating long lasting results for their participants. In fact, between 80 and 95% of dieters gain their weight back within a few years of their diet. By taking a progressive, habit-based approach, AFS CEO Mike Stack and Education Coordinator Sawyer Paull-Baird guide you through what they hope will be your final weight loss journey in the Foundations of Weight Loss Course.

Covering a wide variety of nutrition, environmental, and even mindset topics, this course is the product of a combined 25+ years of coaching experience between Mike & Sawyer.

Included in this 8 module course:
* One 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching meeting
* Individualized Nutrition Report created by an AFS coach
* Fifteen 10-20 minute video lessons
* 48 page eBook chock-full of great information and activities
* Private forum dedicated to Foundations course members

We strongly believe that this course has the potential to create long lasting weight loss and positive change in your life.

Topics Covered:
1- Creating Your Final Diet
* Why Do Diets Fail
Creating Your Plan
2-Your Body's Inner Wisdom
* Understanding Your Hunger
* Managing Hunger & Satiety Strategies
3- Quality vs Quantity
* Why They Both Matter...
* Can Clean Eating Go Too Far?
4-Progress Check-In
* Measuring Progress
*Making Adjustments
5- Proteins, Carbs & Fats
* Deep Dive
6- The Social Side
* The Importance of Social Support
*The Comparison Complex
7- Decision Proofing Your Environment
* The Importance of Food Environment
8- Conclusion- This is Only The Beginning.

Foundations of Weight Loss Course
  • Foundations of Weight Loss Introduction

    Topics covered:
    - How to best navigate through the course
    - What you can expect from the course
    - Next steps prior to starting Module 1

  • Module 1, Video 1- Why Diets Fail

    Topics covered:
    - What do many popular diets get wrong?
    - How can we learn from those mistakes?
    - What is different about this course?
    - What expectations should you have moving ahead?
    - Reflection on your past experiences. How can you learn from them?

  • Module 1, Video 2- Creating our Plan

    Topics covered:
    - Food logging pros and cons
    - Weekly habit pros and cons
    - Expectations and best practices for each path
    - Recommended next steps for each path.

  • Module 2, Video 1- Understanding Your Hunger

    Topics covered:
    - Different types of hunger
    - Expected levels of hunger while in a calorie deficit
    - Steps and tools to become more in tune with your body's hunger signals
    - Benefits of tuning in with your body's hunger
    - Next steps for becoming more aware of hunger.

  • Module 2, Video 2- Managing Your Hunger

    Topics covered:
    - How hunger can be a roadblock for success for some.
    - What strategies can we use to reduce hunger and promote satiety?
    - Action tips for implementing these.
    - Next steps and weekly activity.

  • Module 3, Video 1- Quality & Quantity

    Topics covered:
    - Examining arguments made by quality and quantity focused sides of nutrition.
    - Why both quality and quantity matter.
    - Extra focus on quality, and how quality matters even independently of, as well as in relation to, quantity.
    - Ways to incrementally improve food quality.
    - Ne...

  • Module 3, Video 2- Can Clean Eating Go Too Far?

    Topics covered:
    - Holistic health, what role does weight loss play in that entire puzzle?
    - Ensuring that our efforts to improve body composition are not swinging other areas of our health in an unhealthy place.
    - How can we know when our dieting efforts are going too far?
    - Reflection and recomm...

  • Module 4, Video 1- Measuring Progress

    Topics covered:
    - How are things going for you? Are you seeing results?
    - Other than the scale, how else may results show up.
    - Reemphasize patience, and the value of a slower but steady approach to weight loss.
    - Suggestion of getting another InBody measurement.

  • Module 4, Video 2- Making Adjustments

    Topics covered:
    - We walk you through how you can make adjustments to your plan, step by step, to kickstart your weight loss.
    - Why eventually, nearly everyone will have to adjust their program.

  • Module 5- Macronutrients

    Topics covered:
    - The benefits of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in the diets. Why you shouldn't demonize any of them.
    - Considerations for health promoting consumption of each of the macronutrients.
    - Continuum when it comes to food quality with each macronutrient.
    - Recommended activity for ...

  • Module 6, Video 1- Social Support

    Topics covered:
    - Why is social support so important?
    - How can you gather more support around you?
    - What might a conversation asking for support look like?
    - Next steps and weekly activity.

  • Module 6, Video 2- The Comparison Complex

    Topics covered:
    - Why can comparing oneself to others be so dangerous?
    - What are common ways in which comparison happens, and how can we avoid it?
    - Steps to comparison proof our environment.
    - Next steps and weekly activity.

  • Module 7- Decision Proofing Our Environment

    Topics covered:
    - What is decision fatigue, or ego depletion?
    - How does the environment play a role in our health?
    - How can we exert some control over our environment to set ourselves up for success?
    - Steps for "decision proofing" our environment.
    - Next steps and weekly activity.

  • Module 8, Video 1- Reviewing, Revising & Moving Ahead

    Topics covered:
    - The importance of a long-term focus
    - Why we must continue to maintain and build on these habits moving ahead to sustain or keep making progress.
    - Steps for reflecting on, revising, or building on habits introduced in this course
    - Next steps and weekly activity.

  • Module 8, Video 2- What If You Didn't Get What You Wanted?

    Topics covered:
    - Reasons why you may not be seeing progress.
    - Strategies for revising parts of the plan to see more results.
    - Alternative frameworks for those who have continuously struggled, many times, with weight loss programs.

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