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35 Minute DB/Band "Tempo" Upper Body Burner w/ Bailey 12.19.20

Resistance Training • 39m

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  • 12/18/20 60 minute DB Strength With C...

    For this strength routine our rep range is 8 to 10 unless this is your first two months doing a resistance training routine you'll do 12 to 15 with lighter loads.
    Workout: 3 sets x 8-10 reps
    DB Split Squat
    DB Hack Squat
    DB Decline Hex Press
    DB Alt. Chest press(start up)
    DB Alt. Bentover Row(star...

  • 35 Minute DB "Tempo"/"Eccentric" Lowe...

    Today we are switching things up a bit and doing a lower body super set workout with ALL "tempo"/"eccentric" reps(3-5 seconds on the downward phase or 3-5 second pause). Get ready for a good burn ;)

  • 30 Minute Lower Body DB Workout

    Get ready for this 30 minute lower body workout! We will be super-setting movements focusing on our glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves!

    Full Workout Below:

    - DB Sumo Squat
    - DB Hip Thrust

    -DB Goblet Box Squat
    - Alt Hip Lift

    - DB Goblet Stationary Lateral Lunge
    - DB Calf Raise

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