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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

30 Minute DB & Band Pull(Back & Biceps) Workout w/ Bailey 2-27-21

Resistance Training • 33m

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  • 2/26/21 60 minute DB strength with Chris

    8 to 10 rep range 3 sets per exercise:
    Ex1: DB 1 arm Bench Press
    Ex2: DB Flat Flye superset Push Ups
    Ex3: DB Stepping Lunge
    Ex4: DB RDL superset Jump squat/speed squat
    Ex5: DB Bent-over Row
    Ex6: DB Lat pullover superset bent-over reverse flye
    Ex7: DB Supinated Curl superset laying DB Tricep Exten...

  • Claire_ARMS_2/21

    6-minutes of Biceps
    6-minutes of Triceps
    6-minutes of Deltoids (shoulders)

  • 35 Minute DB Lower Body Superset Work...

    Today we are doing a lower body superset workout using DBs! If you have any questions or need modifications leave a comment or shoot me an email([email protected])