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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

Low-Impact Circuit w/ Trainer Maya 1.5.21

Resistance Training • 37m

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  • 1/1/21 Chris Strength

    This 60 minute resistance training workout has dumbbells and resistance bands with a dumbbell modification if no bands available. The workout alternates between rep ranges of 6 to 8 and 8 to 10 with completing 3 sets of each muscle group.
    Ex1: 1-DB Single leg squat to Bench or 1-DB Gobl...

  • FS-Style Low-Impact Workout w/ Traine...

    FS-style: two exercises, :30 each x3 (3 minutes per station)
    Equipment - BW

    Station 1:
    a) Stationary lateral lunge w/ arms forward reach on way down, squeeze shoulder blade and pull arms close on way up (OR side-to-side sumo squat instead of lateral lunge)
    b) In-and-Out Run Walks (as fast as you...

  • 35 Minute DB/Band "Tempo" Upper Body ...

    Today we are doing another super set workout with ALL "tempo"/"eccentric" reps(3-5 seconds on the downward phase or 3-5 second pause), this time focusing on the upper body. Get ready for a good burn ;)