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25 Minute Shoulders & Arms Superset Workout w/ Bailey (11-6-20)

Resistance Training • 24m

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  • 11/6/20 60 Minute Dumbbell Strength W...

    This routine ins a 60 minute full body strength routine. You will need dumbbells and an adjustable bench. If you are new to resistance training your rep range will be 12-15, otherwise the rep range for this routine is 6-8.
    DB Cambered Row with drop set
    DB Bent Over High Row
    BB/DB Front S...

  • Low-Impact, 30-Minute Band or DB Work...

    Two 8-minute blocks: 1st block is upper body and 2nd is a lower body block; followed by a short core circuit.
    Equipment - Bands (DB/Water Bottle IF no bands)

    Upper Body Block -
    a) Chair Banded Chest Press - Band wraps behind chair (or Floor DB Chest Press) x 8
    b) Banded Bicep Curls - stand on b...

  • 45 Minute Superset-Resistance Trainin...

    This workout is a rep/set based routine. We will be performing 5 different super-sets. We'll do each exercise for 8 to 10 repetitions, 3 total super-sets. See workout below:

    SS #1
    - DB Goblet Split Squat
    - DB 1 Arm Row

    SS #2
    - DB Goblet Sumo Squat
    - DB Low Incline Hex Press

    SS #3
    - DB Deadl...

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