Resistance Training

Resistance Training

Equipment based strength & muscle building workouts

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Resistance Training
  • FS-Style Low-Impact Workout w/ Trainer Maya 12.22.20

    FS-style: two exercises, :30 each x3 (3 minutes per station)
    Equipment - BW

    Station 1:
    a) Stationary lateral lunge w/ arms forward reach on way down, squeeze shoulder blade and pull arms close on way up (OR side-to-side sumo squat instead of lateral lunge)
    b) In-and-Out Run Walks (as fast as you...

  • 35 Minute DB/Band "Tempo" Upper Body Burner w/ Bailey 12.19.20

    Today we are doing another super set workout with ALL "tempo"/"eccentric" reps(3-5 seconds on the downward phase or 3-5 second pause), this time focusing on the upper body. Get ready for a good burn ;)

  • 12/18/20 60 minute DB Strength With Chris

    For this strength routine our rep range is 8 to 10 unless this is your first two months doing a resistance training routine you'll do 12 to 15 with lighter loads.
    Workout: 3 sets x 8-10 reps
    DB Split Squat
    DB Hack Squat
    DB Decline Hex Press
    DB Alt. Chest press(start up)
    DB Alt. Bentover Row(star...

  • 35 Minute DB "Tempo"/"Eccentric" Lower Body Burner w/ Bailey

    Today we are switching things up a bit and doing a lower body super set workout with ALL "tempo"/"eccentric" reps(3-5 seconds on the downward phase or 3-5 second pause). Get ready for a good burn ;)

  • 30 Minute Lower Body DB Workout

    Get ready for this 30 minute lower body workout! We will be super-setting movements focusing on our glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves!

    Full Workout Below:

    - DB Sumo Squat
    - DB Hip Thrust

    -DB Goblet Box Squat
    - Alt Hip Lift

    - DB Goblet Stationary Lateral Lunge
    - DB Calf Raise

  • 25 Minute DB & Band Upper Body Superset Workout w/ Bailey

    Today we are doing an upper body super set workout using bands and dumbbells'. If you have any questions or need modifications please leave a comment or shoot me an email- [email protected]

  • 12.4 Dumbbell Strength Chris

    This workout is a dumbbell strength routine, rep ranges are 8 to 10 if currently resistance training or 12 to 15 if new(less than 2 months) to resistance training. We will complete three sets of every exercise.
    Ex1: DB Uneven Reverse Lunge
    Ex2: 2 DB Sumo Squat
    Ex3: DB Alt. Chest Press

  • Low-Impact Step Workout w/ Trainer Maya 12.08.2020

    Two different 5-minute blocks, twice 1st block then twice 2nd block.
    Equipment - Stair-Step

    1st Block -
    a) Incline Push Up w/ Rotation (Can be modified push ups on knees OR w/o Rotation - just lifting arms slightly off ground) x 5 /side
    b) Step Up w/ Hip Extension, Holding Arms Overhead x 5/si...

  • 45 Minute Upper Body Superset Workout w/ Kemper 11.27.20

    Get ready for this upper body focused dumbbell based routine! We'll be super-setting push & pull movements for 3 sets of 12 repetitions. Workout below:

    -DB Bent Over Row
    -DB Alternating Chest Press

    - DB Incline Reverse Flye
    - DB Incline Flye

    -DB 1 Arm Bench Reverse Flye
    -Seated DB 1 Arm Over...

  • 11/20 60 Minute Dumbbell Strength Workout With Chris

    This workout is a full body dumbbell strength routine. If this is your first time getting into a weight lifting routine or getting back into one your rep ranges will be 12-15 with lighter loads. The rep ranges for this workout will be 8 to 10 and 10 to 12.
    DB Squat 3 sets 8 to 10
    DB Ste...

  • Low-Impact Interval Workout w/ Trainer Maya 11.24.2020

    :45 on/:15 off interval x 4 rounds

    Equipment - Long Band or Towel

    a) 2 Calf Raises + 4 High Knee Marches (hands behind ears, like in crunch position)
    b) Heel-to-Toe Stance Band Overhead Pull-Apart
    c) Banded Lateral Walks (standing on band and holding tips with hands)
    d) Squat w/ Front Band Pull...

  • 25 Minute Glute & Hamstring "Burner" Workout w/ Bailey

    Today we are focusing on Glutes & Hamstrings, and will be using Dumbbells' and Bands. Get ready for a good burn =)

  • 25 Minute Shoulders & Arms Superset Workout w/ Bailey (11-6-20)

    Todays workout will be focusing just on shoulders and arms using Dumbbells and Bands. Get ready for a good burn!!

  • 11/6/20 60 Minute Dumbbell Strength With Chris

    This routine ins a 60 minute full body strength routine. You will need dumbbells and an adjustable bench. If you are new to resistance training your rep range will be 12-15, otherwise the rep range for this routine is 6-8.
    DB Cambered Row with drop set
    DB Bent Over High Row
    BB/DB Front S...

  • Low-Impact, 30-Minute Band or DB Workout w/ Trainer Maya 11.10.20

    Two 8-minute blocks: 1st block is upper body and 2nd is a lower body block; followed by a short core circuit.
    Equipment - Bands (DB/Water Bottle IF no bands)

    Upper Body Block -
    a) Chair Banded Chest Press - Band wraps behind chair (or Floor DB Chest Press) x 8
    b) Banded Bicep Curls - stand on b...

  • 45 Minute Superset-Resistance Training Workout w/ Kemper 10.30.20

    This workout is a rep/set based routine. We will be performing 5 different super-sets. We'll do each exercise for 8 to 10 repetitions, 3 total super-sets. See workout below:

    SS #1
    - DB Goblet Split Squat
    - DB 1 Arm Row

    SS #2
    - DB Goblet Sumo Squat
    - DB Low Incline Hex Press

    SS #3
    - DB Deadl...

  • Low-Impact 30-Minute Circuit w/ Maya

    :45 on/:15 off interval x 4 rounds
    Equipment - DB/Water bottle/Book

    1) Alt. 1-Arm DB/Water Bottle Sumo Squat
    2) BW/Water Bottle RDL + Reverse Flye
    3) 1-DB/Water bottle/Book Woodchops R
    4) Wall Supported 1-DB Reverse Lunges (Variation: 2-DB Marches w/ Front Raises)
    5) DB/Water bottle/Book Hammer...

  • 60 Minute Dumbbell Strength Workout 10/23/20

    For this workout you'll need a range of dumbbells, and bench(adjustable if possible).
    3 sets of rep range 6-8 for individuals who have been lifting for greater than 2 months, 12-15 for those who haven't.
    DB Bench High Row
    DB Lat Pullover
    DB Hex Press
    DB Decline or Flat Flye
    DB Bench Spl...

  • 45 Minute Full Body Resistance Training Workout w/ Kemper

    We will be doing a full body, super-set based, workout with dumbbells and a bench. You'll need a lighter pair of dumbbells and a heavier pair of dumbbells.

    Workout below:

    SS 1: DB RDL -ss- DB Bench Press

    SS 2: DB Goblet Sqaut -ss- DB Prone Cambered Bench Row

    SS 3: DB Goblet Calf Raise -ss-...

  • 60 Minute Dumbbell Strength Workout With Chris

    60 minute dumbbell workout. You'll need access to a bench( preferably adjustable), and dumbbells. The workout rep ranges are 8-10(if you are currently lifting, 12-15 if first time lifting or coming back to lifting in last three months).
    3 Sets, 8-10 Rep Range, 60-90 seconds in between ex...