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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

25 Minute DB & Band Upper Body Superset Workout w/ Bailey

Small Apparatus Workouts • 22m

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  • Dec 6 EMOM with Eileen!

    EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute
    40 seconds on. 20 seconds off. 5 movements. 5 rounds.

    Warm up!

    1) Sumo Squat to Upright Row to Front Raise
    2) DB Bent Over Row to DB Reverse Fly
    3) DB Swing to Tricep Overhead Extension
    4) Superman to Push Up
    5) DB Up/Down to Squat HOLD Bicep Curl


  • C & T 30-min DB or Backpack

    1. Front Press
    2. R- Stationary Lunge
    3. L- Stationary Lunge
    4. Front Chop
    5. Push-up
    6. Bicycle Crunch

  • Nov 22 EMOM with Eileen

    If you loved this workout you can donate to me on Venmo - @eileenmcnally

    Warm up!

    1) DB Front Rack Lateral Lunge to Hack Squat
    2) DB Up/Down to Renegade Row to Bent Over Row
    3) DB Upright Row to Overhead Press
    4) DB Hammer Curl to Lateral Raise
    5) DB Alt. Tricep Kickback to Doub...