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35 Minute DB Lower Body Superset Workout w/ Bailey 2-19-21

Small Apparatus Workouts • 33m

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  • Feb 21st EMOM with Eileen

    YAY! Let's do this.

    1) 2 Front Squats to Alt. Reverse Lunge.
    2) DB swing
    3) Bridge HOLD with Alt. Chest Press to Normal Chest Press
    4) Jump Squat to Upright Row - Overhead Press
    5) Tricep Kickback to Roll Down Tricep Overhead Extension thing - it's craziness really!!

    Sending love!!

  • 35 Minute Upper Body "Push" Workout w...

  • Feb 7th EMOM with Eileen

    Grab some dumbbells + water!

    EMOM - Every Minute On the Minute
    5 movements. 5 rounds.

    Warm up!

    1. Wide RDL to Bicep Curl
    2. Alt. Jump Lunge with Overhead Press
    3. DB Upright Row to Hammer Front Raise
    4. DB Jumping Jack
    5. 1 DB Tricep Kickback


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