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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

30 Minute DB & Band Pull(Back & Biceps) Workout w/ Bailey 2-27-21

Small Apparatus Workouts • 33m

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  • Feb 28th EMOM with Eileen

    Grab some dumbbells + water! Let's move!

    Warm up!

    1.) DB Swing to Overhead Tricep Extension
    2.) DB Row (2x) to Lunge Jump Switch
    3.) DB Sumo Squat to Calf Raise
    4.) DB Lateral Lunge with Overhead Press
    5.) DB Transfer Pike thing :)

    YAY - Message me + let me know how you liked it!!

  • 35 Minute DB Lower Body Superset Work...

    Today we are doing a lower body superset workout using DBs! If you have any questions or need modifications leave a comment or shoot me an email([email protected])

  • Feb 21st EMOM with Eileen

    YAY! Let's do this.

    1) 2 Front Squats to Alt. Reverse Lunge.
    2) DB swing
    3) Bridge HOLD with Alt. Chest Press to Normal Chest Press
    4) Jump Squat to Upright Row - Overhead Press
    5) Tricep Kickback to Roll Down Tricep Overhead Extension thing - it's craziness really!!

    Sending love!!