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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

Dec 6 EMOM with Eileen!

Small Apparatus Workouts • 36m

Up Next in Small Apparatus Workouts

  • C & T 30-min DB or Backpack

    1. Front Press
    2. R- Stationary Lunge
    3. L- Stationary Lunge
    4. Front Chop
    5. Push-up
    6. Bicycle Crunch

  • Nov 22 EMOM with Eileen

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    Warm up!

    1) DB Front Rack Lateral Lunge to Hack Squat
    2) DB Up/Down to Renegade Row to Bent Over Row
    3) DB Upright Row to Overhead Press
    4) DB Hammer Curl to Lateral Raise
    5) DB Alt. Tricep Kickback to Doub...

  • Nov 29th 45 Min DB EMOM Workout with ...

    EMOM - Every Minute On the Minute.

    1.) RDL with Row at Bottom: 10 reps total.
    2.) DB Knee to Step Up Squat: 6 - 8 reps total.
    3.) Squat HOLD w/ 1-DB Front Raise: 10 to 12 reps.
    4.) DB Chest Press w/ Leg Raise: 10 reps total.
    5.) V-Sit HOLD w/ Bicep Curls: 10 to 12 reps.
    6.) DB Single...

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