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25 Minute Glute & Hamstring "Burner" Workout w/ Bailey

Small Apparatus Workouts

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  • Nov 8 EMOM (Upper Body Focus) with Ei...

    40 seconds on. 20 seconds off.
    5 movements. 5 rounds.

    Dynamic Warm Up

    1. Alternating Curtsy Lunge to Lateral Raise
    2. RDL to Bicep Curl to Shoulder press
    3. Bridge hold with Chest Fly to Lat Pullover
    4. Wall Sit with Hammer Curl
    5. Reverse Fly to Tricep Kickback

    V Sit Bicycle

  • 25 Minute Shoulders & Arms Superset W...

    Todays workout will be focusing just on shoulders and arms using Dumbbells and Bands. Get ready for a good burn!!

  • 11/6/20 60 Minute Dumbbell Strength W...

    This routine ins a 60 minute full body strength routine. You will need dumbbells and an adjustable bench. If you are new to resistance training your rep range will be 12-15, otherwise the rep range for this routine is 6-8.
    DB Cambered Row with drop set
    DB Bent Over High Row
    BB/DB Front S...