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Low-Impact, 30-Minute Band or DB Workout w/ Trainer Maya 11.10.20

Small Apparatus Workouts • 34m

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  • 30 Minute Lower Body DB Workout w/ Ba...

    Hey guys,
    Today we are doing a lower body superset workout using only dumbbells'. As always if you have any questions or need modifications feel free to leave a comment, shoot me an email([email protected]) or message your Practitioner.

  • Jan 3rd Throwback EMOM with Eileen

    EMOM - every minute on the minute.
    We will be performing the exercise for 40 seconds then resting for 20 seconds.

    The workout:
    1) Bear Plank with Alt. DB Row
    2) Sump Squat to DB Upright Row
    3) Bent Over DB Lat Sweeps
    4) Split Lunge Pulse to DB Front Raise Right Side
    5) Split Lunge Pulse to DB Bi...

  • 60 Minute Dumbbell Strength Workout 1...

    For this workout you'll need a range of dumbbells, and bench(adjustable if possible).
    3 sets of rep range 6-8 for individuals who have been lifting for greater than 2 months, 12-15 for those who haven't.
    DB Bench High Row
    DB Lat Pullover
    DB Hex Press
    DB Decline or Flat Flye
    DB Bench Spl...

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