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Watch this video and more on AFS TV

Backpack Circuit w- Kemper & Chris!!

Circuit Training

Up Next in Circuit Training

  • 60 Minute BW Workout w- Chris & Kemper

    Chris & Kemper are here again for a full hour long bodyweight only circuit routine. Get ready to sweat!

  • Chest, Shoulders, and Core w Claire a...

    Work your chest, shoulders, and core with a 30 minute long circuit workout by Claire and Tyler. Bodyweight only here. Let's get it in!

  • Glutes and Core w- Claire and Tyler

    Join Claire & Tyler for a 30 minute glute and core burner. Full workout description below!

    10 movements, 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds to transition to the next movement. Non-stop 30 minute program in the new AFS Studio!

    1. Sumo Squat
    2. Marching Pelvic Lift
    3. Frog Pump
    4. Whole Body...