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35 Band & BW Upper Body Workout w/ Bailey

Small Apparatus Workouts • 34m

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  • Strength EMOM with Eileen

    We will start with a 5 minute or so warm up.

    EMOM - Every Minute on the Minute.
    40 seconds on. 20 seconds off.
    5 movements!

    1) Lateral Lunge Right, to Hack Squat, Lateral Lunge Left
    2) Superman to Push Up
    3) Bent Over Supinated Bicep Curl to Supinated Row
    4) Lying Tricep Extension to Upper Body...

  • 30-Minute Low Impact Workout w/ Train...

    Two different 5-minute blocks, we'll do the first block twice, followed by the second block twice. There will be a one-minute break between each block.
    Equipment - DB/Water Bottle

    1st Block:
    a) DB/Water Bottle Standing Punches (palm goes from neutral when close to body to overhand when out in ...

  • 30 minute EMOM with Eileen!

    EMOM = every minute on the minute.
    40 seconds on, 20 seconds off.
    5 movements, 5 rounds! Full body awesomeness :)

    Warm up:
    Jumping Jacks
    Split Jacks
    Reverse Lunges
    3x through

    Movement 1: Single leg RDL to a Curl Overhead Press Right Side
    Movement 2: Single leg RDL to a Curl Overhead P...